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Forgive the current retro look. I'm busier writing and handling other issues right now than I am webbing. For example, I'm working on an Environmental Blog called EarthNice. I'm also writing iPhone games and programming in Python. But that's enough of that for the moment.

front_cover_200x205.jgp (10K) My name is Paul Howell, and I have finished a new children's book (2007) called "Do They Know?". It's an environmental fable of hope, inspired by and illustrated with the artwork of my sister Nancy Jean Howell, who died of a car accident in the early 1990s.

The book is available right now only at Lulu.com, either in print (full color paperback, 8.5" square format) or as a PDF download ebook.

TO BUY: Go here ( Do They Know? by Paul Howell at Lulu.com ) to buy a copy of the book now. The download price is (a high-resolution PDF) is only $5.00 and the printed book is about $14 (full color, 32 pages, really nice printing). Shipping is extra (print version).

TO PREVIEW: Here is a preview for the interior of Do They Know, a full PDF file containing the text and all pictures, minus only the cover art. Odd numbered pages are on the right-hand side, even pages are on the left. The paid version (at Lulu) is in high-resolution (300dpi) artwork. This preview is just about 2mb in size, with a reduced quality (but still quite good).

I'll write more about this later, but I've got more pressing issues now. Thanks for taking the time to read about Do They Know?.

I'll leave you with a bit of detail from the cover painting. This is a large (3' diameter) painting Nancy made while she was pregnant. She loved hiding people (and other beings) in her paintings. Enjoy!

cattail_babies_305x422 (21K)

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